RIP Jimmy Dean

I for one love the man sausage because it is what gets cooked around here for breakfast every morning I never knew till now that he was famous for singing songs but hey go figure the man made some of the worlds best sausage. I hope for one that he is a happy man in heaven looking down on us all and blessing us in these tough times.

I hope they do not do anything to the sausage because to me it is perfect and it would just break my heart to find out one day the sausage tastes different because someone changed something about it to cut costs and make themselves a buck because i would no doubt abandon the jimmy dean brand if so. Anyways this post is for you mr Jimmy Dean  may you rest in peace and happiness for eternity and then some!


Grey Hairs

I am way too young to be dealing with grey hair issues, or so I thought. I have been finding one or two grey hairs now and then and have immediately grabbed hold and yanked those suckers right out. I hope the old saying isn’t true about how if you pluck one out that two grow out! With my hair as dark as it is they show up real bright like, not good!

Jerry Seinfeld

I understand that Jerry Seinfeld will be the first guest on Jay Leno’s new show that will start airing soon. I’m looking forward to having a laugh or two at the 10:00 slot that he is going to be taking over on NBC. I used to love watching Seinfeld but have seen them all so many times that I’ve gotten tired of them all.

West Side Story

What I wouldn’t give to be able to see a live performance of West Side Story. Too bad that there isn’t much call for live theater around here, the place could use a touch of class. When I was growing up, my parents took me to different performances throughout the years. Dinner theaters were the best. A great way to enjoy a good meal and see a good show.

The Color Orange

Orange was never one of my favorite colors, as a kid. But now I really enjoy it and am glad that it has been in fashion for the past several years. Colors make a big difference in your mood, orange is just so bright and sunny. I’ve even bought a few orange shirts that I must admit do look good on me.