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RIP Jimmy Dean

I for one love the man sausage because it is what gets cooked around here for breakfast every morning I never knew till now that he was famous for singing songs but hey go figure the man made some of the worlds best sausage. I hope for one that he is a happy man in heaven looking down on us all and blessing us in these tough times.

I hope they do not do anything to the sausage because to me it is perfect and it would just break my heart to find out one day the sausage tastes different because someone changed something about it to cut costs and make themselves a buck because i would no doubt abandon the jimmy dean brand if so. Anyways this post is for you mr Jimmy DeanĀ  may you rest in peace and happiness for eternity and then some!

Probably the best idea for fuel in the World

Using salt water as fuel is a real possibility thanks to an inventor named John Kanzius. This post over at women geeks talks more about it and if you have any interest in learning about this new type of machine he invented then be sure to click on over and give it a watch.

A great way to use UAVs

At this website called unmanned system this page titled UAV air cleaners is a must read it goes like this.

“Some day soon unmanned aerial vehicles will fly around the sky collecting the carbon out of it in order to help clean the air. And the unmanned aerial vehicles will run off batteries that recharge using solar power and flutter technology because as technology grows faster and smaller and more energy efficient systems are created we will soon be able to fly these type of machines in the air via GPS guided routes that just do nothing all day but clean the air we breathe.”

When I read this blog post I was blown away by what a great idea that is, instead of UAVs flying around hunting and killing people how about UAVs flying around cleaning the air. I hope this guy gets the funding to start doing that one day soon.

Great place to share stuff with them

One of the main reasons I started this WordPress blog was to have a place to share stuff with family and friends that I found online. A lot of the times I see a news story somewhere then try and find it again and its gone and I just can not find it. Plus if you link to a story that was on the front page of yahoo the URL gets broken after a couple of weeks.

So here on my blog I will be able to keep info that I see online and comment about it including you so it will be easily found by me or you!!