Deposit Tickets

I went to the bank today to order more deposit tickets to use with my free checking account that I’ve had with them for over 10 years. I was told that there was now going to be a small fee attached to the processing of the deposit tickets. That just blew me away, I’m not a happy camper or banker at this moment.

The Rodeo

I have been invited to go to a rodeo in a few weeks. I’ve never been to one before although I have seen a good amount on the television from time to time. Guess I’ll have find a nice pair of tight blue jeans and my cow boy boots to wear for the occasion. Maybe I’ll meet a good looking cowboy!

The top searches and hot trends

What to know what is trends are hot on the internet or better yet want to see what key words people are surfing for? Well there are two place that I like to check on to see what is hot the first is the Front Page on Yahoo  in the bottom right hand corner and is called Today”s Top Searches the other is Googles Hot Trends which shows past days hottest search keywords. I imagine some keywords are left out and removed but over all i would say both are good indicators as to what is being searched on either networks search engine! Just some examples as to what was hot yesterday

56.     harold and kumar go to white castle
57.     where do i vote
58.     john merrick
59.     myyearbook
60.     bet news

A cold November is coming!

If you have not done so yet then be sure to do so this week what is it your asking that I am talking about? Winterizing your house, car and business is what. It is going to get cold outside and as a result your going to turn on your heater in your home and you need to have all your fluids checked on your vehicle.

Depending on what your business is than it will depend on what you need to do there and I will leave it in your hands as to what you think should be done! Anyways if I helped out one person by writing this post than I guess it did its do otherwise it was just a waste of three minutes writing this down!

Well its Halloween so what are you doing?

Well the special day has finally arrived and Halloween is officially here so now what you gonna do? I thought about maybe heading out downtown and going from club to club dancing and drinking all dressed up in my Halloween costume. But then a part of me just wants to sit home and veg out behind the tube and cuddle up with my special person and do nothing all night long.

I am not sure what I am going to do so i figured why not ask you and see what you are going to this Halloween and maybe that will give me some motivation to do something!